Ot PADJ at the HO

We are working on so many things, and in doing so, we also need to work on ourselves. And the … More

A Dream for the Future

Remember the big three things happening at the same time? Remember the first one? Well here’s the second one. We … More

Dream and Innovate

We had our Advent Recollection on Sunday and had two wonderful speakers in Fr. Ben Beltran and Fr. Jek Arada. … More

Rule of 3

There have been so many meetings, workshops, training sessions and huge moves over the past few days, I haven’t been … More

Re-branding, renaming.

I have been using “xavyniceday” for such a long time. When I got my first Hotmail account, I used “i_am_spoiled”, … More

What changed?

At our household this week, our discussion was about our journey in faith from what was pre-determined for us (being … More