We Make Change

Des and I spoke about the Christian Family at the Together Forever engaged couples retreat the other day. We talked about parenting, discipline, intimacy and a variety of other topics that come with parenting.

And at the end, there was one question that really stuck to me – even until now. Maybe a planted one, but a good one nonetheless.

“With the way things are today, what if we do not want to have children?” – or something to that effect.

It really is a scary world to bring kids into. I mean, COVID, for one. War. Poverty. Crime. And everything that keeps us up at night – lock the doors, lock the widows, get CCTV, a guard dog, but still, it keeps you up.

But the fact that these couples chose to come to a program like Together Forever, and learn how to be better spouses to each other, then that gives hope. That they listened on how to ready themselves for children, and raise up those children well… that gives hope too.

And if those couples keep at it, and get stronger in faith and love, then the world becomes a better place for them and the people around them. And the circle gets bigger and bigger. If we choose to do nothing, and give up, then we’ve lost and we will just get swallowed by the darkness.

These young couples give me hope. And when they do have children, then the next generation will be better than this one. Let’s just keep on going.

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