Sense of Wonder

Sometimes you don’t know what you need to hear until you hear it.

The full-time coordination meeting today was timely and relevant, thanks Jo-i for expressing what so many are going through.

Jo-i said that there are people who didn’t know they were running on empty until this pandemic hit us all close to home. And when it did, we found out how much we needed to bounce back. To find that sense of wonder in what we have been called to do.

I agree with him. I think for the year from March 2020 (start of ECQ) until this March, we were winning battles left and right. Opened the Home Office, has physical gatherings and teaching, Congress set-ups, even Missionary Bikers breakfasts and Area visits with the SG.

But when COVID mutated into what it is now, and hit us personally, it was like a blow to the chest where you suddenly couldn’t breathe. I think it was because of the variants that suddenly spread faster and were easier to catch, but it is really different when so many people you see on a weekly basis suddenly get it.

And maybe it wasn’t the realization that you have been running on empty, but more of the reality, fear and anxiety of the world took over. Our sense of wonder was clouded and we saw the world through the eyes of all the forwarded messages, news reports and blackened profile pictures. We saw the world as a scary and fearful place.

But, this morning was a reminder that even if we do see the world as a scary and fearful place, we need to show the people in it that we are not of this world. We have that sense of wonder that we are meant for so much more.

We have to overcome this fear and anxiety of the world – because so many people are stuck in that – and we have to show them that there is so much more than this.

We are not running on empty. We are full of wonder. Full of hope. Full of the promise of God that He has won the war. Our vision just got cloudy for a minute, but after this reminder, things are clearer again.

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