Mini or Main, Prayers Change Us

For more than a year now, since the first lockdown happened, we have been praying the rosary every night. We even did it via livestream at the beginning:

After the first ECQ ended, we stopped daily and just prayed the rosary every Sunday with the bigger Padilla family via Zoom. But once we saw that the lockdown isn’t (not wasn’t, because it still is going on, and nothing has changed) going to end anytime soon, we took it up again every night.

It started with each child praying one decade. 5 kids = 5 decades. I would change it up a bit and mix up the order (not only eldest to youngest). They can pray in English, Tagalog and Latin. Our youngest sings her prayers – English and Tagalog, not Latin.

Then a few weeks ago, we changed it up again, and now each child “sponsors” a night, and they can choose the other 4 who will lead the decades of the rosary (including me and Des, and whoever is at home joining us). It keeps everyone on their toes.

Our 8 year old has memorized the Litany. I only know of one other person who has memorized it, and he is 80 years old, who leads it during the New Years’ Eve rosary of the Padilla clan.

Yesterday, Des put up the crosses on the walls and in the rooms (along with fixing the frames and pictures), and fixed the altar. And our two youngest got inspired.

They also got one of the school chairs and fixed up their own mini-altar in their room. And last night, they prayed the rosary there too. Prayers change us. And praying everyday as a family has changed – and is changing – us.

For sure, main altar or mini-altar, these prayers are effective and they are causing miracles. And boy do we need one right now.

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  1. You are right Bro Xavy. PRAYER changes everything… closer to God.. closer to each member of the family..

    Thank you for sharing your story..
    You are an inspiration to all families, especially to our Young Couples..
    God bless you always..1

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