My COVID Journey

A few weeks ago, I wrote about finally getting the bottle of Ivermectin. I took one tablet, and the succeeding tablets were to be every three weeks. I read that two tablets would make you have a better shield against COVID. Unfortunately, after one tablet, I got exposed to COVID, and became positive.

I was exposed during a Sunday lunch (February 28), and by Wednesday (March 3) I started coughing. Just a normal cough, which I attributed to the weather changes. At that point I didn’t know I had gotten exposed. Our workweek at the Home Office is only two times a week, and that was my second day that week, so I didn’t go back to the HO anymore.

I don’t remember when I started taking Neozep, but I did for the cough. It eased the coughing after I took it, but once it wore off, the slight cough would come back. By March 7 (Sunday), we found out I was exposed, and there were positive cases starting to appear. Honestly, I didn’t think I had COVID. I only had a cough, so I thought that was it. But out of precaution, I did not go to the office anymore. On March 10 (Wednesday), Des and I got tested. We did the saliva test, and man, do they need a lot of saliva. She was NEGATIVE, I was POSITIVE.

Maybe psychologically it triggered something? Because from March 10 to 12, I had fever. Got on antibiotics, took Ivermectin. And Zinc. And Vitamin C. And Vitamin D. And anything else I could get my hands on. I forgot we had that Chinese medicine, if I had remembered I would have taken that too. I did proning (lying on my stomach) to help breathe (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. At the start, you cough up a storm, but after a few minutes, you breathe so clearly, it feels amazing). I also did suob where you cover yourself in a blanket and breathe the heat from a bucket of hot water that has salt in it (mine had more than salt though, also tanglad, sambong, and kalamansi leaves. Maybe that’s why my skin felt so good after too). You sweat so much, and clears your lungs too. I did it once a day, others did it two to three times a day.

By March 13 (Saturday), the fever was gone. And symptoms were gone as well.

Continued the quarantine and taking vitamins. And Ivermectin. Until I was cleared to leave quarantine on March 18 (Thursday). I have no idea if I had a mild case. Some others who got it had no symptoms at all. Some had worse symptoms than me. But I do believe that Ivermectin helped. After taking each tablet, I would feel better, and that would stay.

Now I am just waiting out 21 days. Just to be safe. But, aside from losing more than ten pounds, I am doing well. I hope I have immunity! Send pizza.

One thing though that was very difficult was the quarantine. My wife would bring me food and I could see and talk to her. But the hard one was not seeing my kids. Sometimes they would be outside the door crying because they would be thinking I would die of COVID. And that was difficult. And you could really feel the depression and the anxiety kick in. Thank goodness it was also the time of the 33-Day Consecration to St. Joseph, and that helped me pull through. St. Joseph had a big hand in healing me, and keeping me focused on recovery. I have a better understanding of those who have been locked down in their homes, alone, for the past months and maybe more than a year. It is NOT EASY. Pray hard, talk to people, reach out. You cannot do it alone.

So yes, I am a COVID survivor. Ivermectin helped. I am sure of it. Your prayers helped more though, and I appreciate everyone who prayed for me, and all the others. St. Joseph guided me through it all, and I am so thankful that this experience came at the same time as the Consecration. My Consecration day was the day I exited quarantine!

I am back stronger, and ready to fight again! Ho-wa! #ToTheEndsOfTheEarth!


  1. Hello. Is there anyway you can help me acquire the ivermectin you took? The capsule form in a bottle packaging? I believe that’s the one that was compounded by dr. Landrito. The others in the market and import from India I think is in blister pack. I have a chain smoker son and a 75 yr. old aunt who lives with me. I hope you can help me out where to buy the med. thank you very much and praying for your better health and family as well. Stay safe.

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