Father & Son

What a blessing it is to have changed school for my son. We were originally in my alma-mater (well, from Grade 5 and up), but we weren’t too happy with the class size, the focus (or lack thereof) given to our son, and the overall direction of the school – you can say we are very Conservative Catholics. So we changed schools this year to a school more aligned with what we want for him (for our daughters, we are happy with the Catholic school they are in).

And it has been going great! Small class size. Very hands on teachers. We have regular chats with the teacher. There are formation sessions for us fathers with other fathers of the school. And even in the midst of the pandemic, we were able to have a Father & Son Activity – indoor camping. And a lot of activities that could be done synchronously and asynchronously.

We had a great time. And we were able to spend good, quality time with one another. And build stuff. Color stuff. Burn stuff. It is good to focus on this father and son relationship – it is one that has been taken for granted for so long in the world, that there are so many broken men out there. We need to go back to the strength of a father.

Very fitting that it is the Year of St Joseph. I am here for you, son. And we can build, color and burn more stuff together.

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