Ivermectin vs COVID

Come on. It’s been almost a year since the initial lockdown in Metro Manila (and even around the world). That was sometime middle of March. We are approaching the COVID anniversary. So many things have happened since then. Lives lost, jobs gone, anxiety rising. And still there is no apparent way forward.

But a few days ago we were invited to a Zoom meeting with Dr. Allan Landrito. Apparently he has been using Ivermectin as a way to combat COVID. A miracle drug, a CHEAP one, that has been around for years! He has seen it stops people from getting COVID, and it heals people too – faster.

He has slides and data. And is pretty convincing. I definitely am looking into this option. You just take one 15mg tables EVERY THREE WEEKS! And you can go and combat COVID. Back to mission. Going to the ends of the Earth! No harm in trying, and I think a drug that was initially for stomach worms is better than injecting God-knows-what into your body. Not to mention the moral implications of it.

Yes, I know the Pope said it is ok… IF THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. But, look. There is one. It is cheaper and even more accessible. Is it proven? Well are the vaccines proven? And you are open to injecting them into your body. Well, take this pill (take a chill pill), and might even work. Given there are RESULTS already.

Want to watch a Zoom recording of a meeting? Here.

Look through these YouTube videos too. Sent by my pro-life Cardio who is also not recommending the vaccine.

We ordered, and they arrived today. I haven’t felt this hopeful in a year. Let’s go!

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