Masungi Georeserve

We finally got to go to Masungi Georeserve after talking about it for more than a year! I guess it was good, too, since because of the whole COVID pandemic, the visits were limited and the groups are supposed to be small. So we were a group of 8, and there were no others when we were trekking through the reserve (well, there was a group after us, but too far away from us).

It is a LOT of walking. Three hours worth! Up and down steps, through rocks, up and down nets. But so fun and worth it. Just get ready for all that walking. At the end, the steps were a bit too much, and it burns your thighs, but we got through it.

The views are amazing, and the conservation effort is commendable. I hope they get to keep all the people who want to take on their area – out of it. It is a great testament to reforestation. Just like ALPADI.

Let’s just not blog about my unfortunate stomach issue about one hour in. And how it was resolved (thinking leaves and digging holes? More of rangers secret comfort!). Anyway, aside from that, and how I will never live it down forever, it was a wonderful half-day of walking, climbing, walking, crawling, getting wet, walking and walking.

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