Consecration to St. Joseph (Day 8)

We started the Consecration on February 15, 33 days before the Solemnity of St. Joseph on March 19. To help guide us through it, there’s a Viber group you can join that reminds what to read, and sends videos and other material.

[Just an aside, I love Viber! I think it is one of the most fun messaging apps. I like the format, the stickers, everything. I want to be out of Messenger so badly. Just all move to Viber, please.]

I actually missed yesterday, Day 7. It was just a hectic Sunday mostly out of the house, and when I realized I hadn’t done the reflections of the day, I was already in bed and the kids were snuggling up to me (and the dog). So I made an excuse and stayed in bed. I won’t do that again.

Just for the first week, a lot of thoughts have been going through my head already. It is amazing to have this Consecration. To learn more about how to be better men, better husbands and better fathers. This is what is so lacking in the world today. We see men who take no responsibility, who cannot keep commitments to their wives, and leave children abandoned. There is a crisis of manhood. And it is just perfect timing for this to come around, on the Year of St. Joseph as well.

God has His own timing, and it is perfect.

I hope to learn more about being like St. Joseph. His quiet strength (did he even speak in the Bible?), his commitment to Mother Mary, and how he brought up Jesus all those years before His public ministry. How did he teach the Son of God to be a good man?

Not only learn about him, but be like him as well. If you can be like the man who was secure enough in his calling and manhood to be the husband of the Mother of God, and the earthly father of Jesus our Savior, then I think you would be able to handle anything this world has to throw at you.

My favorite in the Litany as of today: Pillar of Families, pray for us.

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