Well, It was Bound to Happen

We all know that censorship with Facebook and Twitter happens. Especially more rampant now against Conservatives and Catholics (especially the real ones :)). And I always thought it would happen to me eventually, with the content I put out being pro-family, pro-God and pro-life.

Well, it happened. Twitter suspended my account. I didn’t know it right away because I actually left Twitter a few weeks ago – couldn’t stand their anti-pro-life bias anymore. But I kept the account open so that no one could get my username. But making my last blog, it automatically shared to Twitter, so I went to check it. And there you go, I was already suspended.

That’s the world we live in. Where if your point of view is different, then you lose your right to express it. Just be forewarned and get ready, because this is how it will be for the long haul.

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