Survivor Confessionals, Tribal Councils, Challenges and Viewing Lounge Videos

Still amazed that I made it to the Final 3 of the Survivor online game! Over the course of the game we made confessionals which were sent to the hosts only. So we can talk about our individual strategy and what else was happening in the game.

I compiled mine along with the Tribal Councils I was in. Here:

And there were also people following the game via a Viewing Lounge, where we could send videos as well. Here are the ones I made (of course no gameplay because it might leak to the players) along with some online challenges we did:

I realized that every Tribal Council I was in, I voted for the person who went home πŸ™‚ Pennington – Rachael – Matt – Nic – Sierra – Chris – Stephen – Austin (except for Renier who was removed, and Jack who left due to rocks.. and myself of course). That’s a pretty good track record!

Of course, you might be thinking, who won? Here is the Final Tribal Council, where they mentioned I was the biggest player so they had to take me out. Ok, that made me feel good.

I voted for Steph, of course. The only other person who worked hard, thought this game out and deserves to win.

And here we go, the different Awards won, and the Winner of Survivor Extinction Island! I got Player of the Season, and Best Move of the Game!

Want to join the next Season? It will be fun!!

Again, here’s the Wiki of our Season, and the Tumblr page with all the details. It was awesome.

Join Season 2! They are moving from Skype to Discord.


The Retirement Home ORG is back and casting for its second season, Survivor: Galaxy’s Edge! πŸš€ Ryan, Jess, and Katie are ready to bring an OUT OF THIS WORLD 🌍 experience to you! There is no MILKY WAY 🌟 you are going to want to miss out on this! Think we suck, well COMET ME BRO! β˜„οΈ

Apply Here:
Join our Community Discord here:

Learn more about The Retirement Home ORG Series by visiting our wiki:

This game will be hosted on Discord & Tumblr by Ryan Teddy, Jessica Wizard, and Katie Cole.

Applications Close: Wednesday, October 7th @ 9PM EST
Cast Notified: Saturday, October 10th
Start date: Friday, October 16th @ 8PM EST

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