Well, I’m 3rd!

[September 13, 2020] Well, yes, I am 3rd place.

We had the Immunity Challenge today, and Adam won it. It was a trivia game and also had to answer fast, that was really his forte. And no matter how much I tried to get him to bring me to the end, he chose to vote me out.

If you see at the end, I was really sad already. I worked hard to get here, I have to say I was the brains behind our effort. I mean, from a 6-3 disadvantage to the FINAL 3! I chose who to use the Sword on, who to use the Idols on, who to target. Oh well. When they know you can win, they vote you out.

At least the hosts think I played well and was fun to watch!

Watch all my Viewer’s Lounge videos (for those following the game). Will send the link to my Confessionals too once it is over.

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