The FINAL 3!

[September 12, 2020] In a crazy PLOT TWIST, Austin requested a Tribal Council soon after the Immunity Challenge which Steph won. And he was immediately voted out of the game.


I don’t know why Austin did that. If I were in his shoes, I would campaign hard to get me out. Not just give up. A vote right after a preceding one where we voted as an alliance won’t change the the alliance. But one after 24 hours might! You have time to plant even more seeds into the other players’ heads.

I mean I doubt it would have worked, but you never know. Especially since Steph’s significant other told her she wants me to win. But she was told that after the Tribal. It may have ended differently if it was before, and if there was more time. So Austin let his emotions get the best of him, and was the architect of his own vote out.

The last Immunity Challenge is tomorrow, and we have to remember everything that happened this season! So let’s get to it and study. I have to win this!

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