The FINAL 4!

[September 12, 2020] I made it to 4! I fully expected my alliance to vote with me, 3-2. But wow that Tribal Council was brutal with them hammering into me. Stephen and Austin went all out and pointed me out as the winner if I made it to the end. I had to fight back, which just put a bigger target on me. But hey, I have to go down fighting.

The vote ended as 3 on Stephen and 2 on me (why always me?!) and I AM IN THE FINAL 4!

We had an Immunity Challenge right after, and because I added wrong, I ended up having 0 points in the last round when I should have had 1. I could have won that round. Let’s see if Austin wins, if he does, this is the end of the road…. Unless I can get Adam to sacrifice himself.

Austin didn’t win immunity! Now to just keep making sure our 3 is a solid FINAL 3! And then on to win Immunity after that. If I do, who do I take to the end with me?

Adam? We had an alliance the first few minutes of the game! He, Matt and I entered the Mosa Chat first and said that we would work until the end. He is good in challenges, and is a Survivor ORG player, so the others have played with him before. He would be easy to beat, considering my resume.

Steph? We are both new players among 14 other multi-players of the Survivor ORG community. We also connected during the first few days of the game. I played idols, she won 3 Immunities. So it would be a good battle at the end. I have multiple votes to my name, she has NONE! It would make a good ending.

I hope to make it to 3, and win Immunity to 2.

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