The FINAL 5!

[September 11, 2020] I MADE IT! Some things I did before today, I played up to the Viewer’s Lounge how I might be going home (you never know, there may be spies over there feeding info the the players).

And also just keeping Adam and Stephanie together with me, even if I would be safe since I have the Hidden Immunity Idol. Chris, Stephen and Austin just stopped talking to me all together. I decided to tell my alliance about the Idol because I felt if they found out at Tribal, it would backfire.

Of course I told them that I got it just recently and not Day 5. Because then they would ask why I didn’t use it sooner. OG Bron used The Rusted Sword on Adam, and I used my HII, and our target Chris went home.

Worked out perfectly! We went straight into an Immunity Challenge which Stephanie won! If you notice, Stephen and Austin are going after me. And they should. They are convincing the others that my game is better than theirs, and it is.

But hopefully they don’t fall for it. A 3-2 vote is still tentative if they want to make a move on me, because it will end up 2-2 again and they could lose it all. They just need to stick with me until Top 3, and hope I don’t win an Immunity there.

Top 5! With a 3 person alliance advantage. Don’t rest, don’t let them slip up. There could still be advantages out there until Final 5, but unless something was found in the Dig Site, I doubt it.

Oh and look, I found these player stats on the game site! I am in the lead!

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