The Final Stretch [Day 31]

[September 9, 2020] I just won my 4th Reward Challenge IN A ROW! I don’t think I did too well in the Immunity Challenge though. It is that dinosaur game that you get to play when you don’t have internet. Honestly, I have been playing that game lately, and I do well. I just didn’t do well this time. Which, I have to admit, was part of my overall plan.

Since I am target number 1, if I don’t have Immunity, they will definitely vote for me. They bought The Rusted Sword we used, so they can cut one vote and instead of a 3-3 tie, we lose. So, they vote for me, thinking they have 3 votes, I use my HII, and flip the tables on them. Some concerns swirling in my mind now:

  1. What if they don’t use The Rusted Sword and just go to rocks like last week? They WON’T vote for me so I will be part of those who will pick rocks. But this is too far out there to think they would do. If you have an advantage, use it.
  2. What if I DO win Immunity, also a long shot, I would have to use my HII on Adam or Stephanie. Or even maybe keep it for myself to make sure I make it past Final 5. But that would make it a 2-2 tie in Final 4. Which maybe it will be a challenge thing instead of a vote thing.
  3. If I DON’T win Immunity, then use the HII, Adam and Stephanie will be so shocked, since I haven’t told them I have one. I have had it since Day 6 I think. I would have to say I just recently got it, just didn’t want to tell them in case OG Bron got a feeling we had something. So maybe that would be my excuse. Phew.

Maybe I am playing too hard. 🙂

[Update] I didn’t win Immunity but Adam did! So they definitely are targeting me tomorrow. This is totally building up my resume, and will make an even bigger target on my back. If I pull this off tomorrow, we will be in the Final 3 (fingers crossed).

I can’t believe I came in second, though. That’s pretty good!

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