From 6-3 to 3-3 [Day 30]

[September 8, 2020] Wow. What. A. Rush. My legs were shaking at Tribal Council and I was sweating. We went into Tribal with a plan. Adam, Stephanie and I were going to vote for Austin. And use The Rusted Sword to cut Stephen’s vote. And that would make Chris paranoid enough to play the Hidden Immunity Idol for himself.

Jack approached us a few days ago wanting to move with us. He was seen as the GOAT of the game last poll, and said he wanted to make a move. But we didn’t fully believe him (I did, but Adam and Stephanie did not, thank goodness). And nearing Tribal, I found out he was one of those who voted for me last time, and it was Stephen who did not. So we told him we were voting Chris. And maybe that would reach Chris for extra push for him to use his HII.

And this is what happened:

We sliced Stephen’s vote. Chris started talking to use the HII, we did our acting (shocked and concerned), and he played it for himself! The votes came in tied 3-3 Austin and Adam. Jack flipped on us.

Re-vote, 2-2. So since I had Immunity, Chris played his HII, Adam and Austin had the tied votes we then all became immune, and a random vote off would happen between Stephanie, Jack and Stephen. Jack was randomly selected.

Here’s my vote for Austin, maybe will use it again in the future. Now I have won three Reward Challenges, played a HII, won and Immunity Idol, and played The Rusted Sword and Large Amber Piece advantages. I am officially target number 1. but from a 6-3 advantage to a 3-3 tie? How can you mess that up, OG Bron?

Happy birthday Mama Mary!

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