Excited to Win Immunity [Day 29]

[September 6, 2020] Why is that the title of this blog? Well, we had an Immunity Challenge, and I guessed my list in 6 tries. BUT I used my Large Amber Piece advantage, and three points we deducted (lowest points wins). So I have three points. And there is NO WAY that anyone can finish their Mastermind Puzzles in three tries or less. So I am fairly confident to have won this one! I might even see that I didn’t need to use the advantage, if everyone else got more than 6 tries.

Before this, we had a Reward Challenge. You had to answer questions on what people in the Tribe think about each other. Of course, to stir up drama. Like “Who is the villain?” “Who do you never want to see again?” I was one of the winners of the Reward Challenge!

So I got: “Who is the Hero of the Season?” “Who is most Annoying?” with Austin. “Who do you never want to see after the game?” with Adam. And “Who will be voted off next?” with Adam.

I have won three Reward Challenges in a row. And if I win Immunity now, then the target on me becomes quite large. At least I am certain I will make it to the Final 5 (I play my Hidden Immunity Idol at the F6).

And AAAACK, the schedule of the final week is out! I never imagined to play a 39-day game. And here I am, entering the final week. Oh, to win this.

Update: Adam, Stephanie and I pooled money and bought The Rusted Sword! We can slice off someone’s vote at Tribal! So we have three votes, if Jack is not lying to us he can be one separate vote (we won’t tell him exactly who we are voting, just to be safe), and then their 3 votes becomes 2. We just have to make sure they don’t play the idol on the correct person.

And I did win Immunity! Stephen played his Small Amber Piece, but even at 8, I would have still won at 6 without playing my advantage. Anyway, better safe than sorry. Safe at next Tribal! Now let’s get one of them out!

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