A Successful Immunity Idol [Day 27]

[September 5, 2020] I am on a high! That feels awesome! I just played a Hidden Immunity Idol correctly!

A few days ago Adam, Steph and I pitched in Dino Coins to buy an Idol from the Bazaar. And we decided to use it this Tribal since none of us won Immunity. It was just about playing it for the right person. I have not told them I have a Hidden Immunity Idol myself. I will not tell anyone that.

Stephen and Jack continuously told me I wouldn’t be voted out. Though Stephen said he had to struggle to get my name out, and Jack said he was busy so he wasn’t following the vote. I knew it then that it would be me. So I was going to play my own Idol.

BUT I wanted to find a way to see if I could get the Idol we bought instead of using my own. And, through a coin toss, I got it! And what do you know, we used it correctly.

Bye Sierra! If I was OG Bron, I would have voted me out too. Adam was the obvious one, so if an Idol was played, it would be played on him. Steph has good bonds there so they won’t vote for her. I am the “messy player”. But, we are good players too and saw right through it.

Now, what to do. I honestly cannot trust Stephen anymore. He has gone against his word every single Tribal we have been together. I think Jack didn’t vote for me because he said he wouldn’t, so there will be fall-out there. Will reach out to Jack, maybe something can happen there. Or else, we fight every Tribal til we have the numbers!

For the next phase I have the Amber Piece for an advantage at Immunity, which I hope to win, and then another Immunity Idol. Let’s do this!

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