Reward, Yes! Immunity, No. [Day 26]

[September 4, 2020] So we are back to it! We had another Reward Challenge where we had to solve puzzles. And I was one of those who won, again! Two Reward Challenges in a row now! Good thing my competitor (Sierra) timed out, because my time was terrible. I panicked and didn’t follow the clues correctly. I could have halved my time if I didn’t panic.

And then we went into an Immunity Challenge! We each have three tiles, and if your tile gets hit, then you can hit another person’s tile. I lasted until 4th, which is good, considering everyone who has even been on Mosa went out first.

This was my target list:


And look how it came out (except for Adam, Stephanie and I, of course). I got them all in the right order!

The funny thing about that is I targeted Stephen and Jack first for that reason. So they can see that Mosa was targeted first, and even plant some seeds that the Bron who stayed together are tight. I hope it worked. I doubt they’ll make a move this early, so we need to figure out who they are targeting so we can use an idol.

If I were them I would be pushing the vote to be me. Since I would think that because of the results, Adam would conclude he is first on the list to be voted off. So we play two idols, and hope they don’t get Stephanie.

Who do we vote out? I want Austin out.

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