What Just Happened? [Day 23]

[September 2, 2020] It’s our 14th Wedding Anniversary today! It is still the period of pandemic, but things are better than before. We are learning to live with and around COVID. But nice to see that restaurants are open, so we are going to eat out today! First time in a LOOOOOONG time.

I slept early last night. Woke up early ready to strategize and see if my name is coming up to be voted off. Even made my video for when I use my idol, because whether or not my name is out there, I was going to use it. I didn’t want to be voted of on my Wedding Anniversary! I would just get annoyed every year remembering it.

Woke up to news that Renier was removed from the game! So shocked. No other details were given, I have reached out to Ren to ask what happened, but no response yet. Tribal Council was cancelled, and Nic was put in the Jury instead of Ren.

Honestly, I am really sad. Even if it is a game, Ren has been a fun person to chat with. Very over the top, dramatic, but fun. I hope he is ok. On the game side, he was a good ally. And he gave me good information. We had the Dream Team with Stephen, which I was going to stick with until the end. Now, I have The Rebellion of the OG Mosa.

Final 8, though! 5 (OG Bron: Austin, Chris, Jack, Sierra, Stephen) v 3 (OG Mosa: Adam, Stephanie and me). Hopefully Jack can be the wild card here and flip to us. Or maybe time to form a new alliance. Have to ready the Final Two game. Who do I want to sit with at the end?

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