Why is our Tribe Named DODO? [Day 22]

[September 1, 2020] We have a Merged Tribe name! DODO! I guess the first extinct animal / dinosaur. Doesn’t bode well for us, huh. We also had the first individual immunity challenge. And it was harsh!

We each had 3 gems, and you had to guess the total list of gems and who owned them. And highest score wins. I shared my real list with OG Mosa Adam and Stephanie. And shared it with Renier. Who shared it with Chris and that just ugly and messy. I got found out. So I started sharing random lists with everyone else. The Rebellion (Adam and Stephanie) probably thought I was playing them. Eventually shared my list with Stephen too (Our Dream Team), but is wary of my giving the right list. It was so complicated and stressful.

At the end of the day, I am not a good liar. Ha ha. I got found out and called out. But I am a good scrambler. Did what I had to do to get back into the game and in the alliances.

I came in 2nd!

Shared my Dino Coins with Adam and he bought an Immunity Idol. So coming into Tribal tomorrow, The Rebellion has three Idols – one with Steph, one hidden one bought by Adam, and mine which no one knows about.

It’s our 14th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, and I will not go home on that day. I am playing it no matter what these alliances say. Better Idol wasted than me going home with it on my Anniversary!

Just thinking of the way forward.

Maybe I can get Adam to play his Idol for me so I can still keep mine. Then we vote out someone from OG Bron (or else Adam goes home). And hopefully their alliance crumbles after that. If not, well 8th or 7th for me!

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