I made the MERGE! [Day 21]

So our last Tribal, Nic was voted out. He voted for himself too after saying we all have mental issues. What’s up with these sore losers? Just enjoy the game and have fun!

As I suspected, someone from Old Bron voted for me. It was Jack, at least he admitted it. And now thinks I will continue to trust him? Come on now. He’s a big player of Survivor online apparently, would be awesome to vote him off.

And now we MERGE! No Merged Tribe name yet, maybe I will suggest HAYOP.

And immediately after merge, we have our first Immunity Challenge! Old Bron will probably share theirs to each other, giving 6 each. And expect one of us to give ours. Let’s see if cracks form, or if I can crack the pattern. There’s always a pattern!

But, if we don’t get individual immunity, I foresee a 3-3-3 vote split. Adam-Stephanie-OldBron. And on the revote, we lose and continuously picked off.

I liked Old Mosa, but sticking with them would be a battle every vote. If I go with New Mosa, I would have to trust them, and they stuck that to me twice already (first Tribal when the vote was supposed to be 2-2, but they all voted Nic; and second when Jack voted for me). Old Mosa would be awesome just to take out either Austin, Sierra or Chris, maybe I can sway the Dream Team.

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