Losing Streak for Mosa [Day 20]

[August 30, 2020] Wow we lost another Immunity Challenge and it was a complete and utter destruction. Not even a landslide. I guess we didn’t really work on computing the totals, we just went with the route (you were supposed to make a way from one end of a puzzle to the other, while going through numbers and equations). As you can see from our results, Nic just checked out of the game. As much as we coordinated our efforts, Nic did not participate at all. Even so quiet. The vote should be easy – Nic. But you never know what surprises people might have. Last time he had an Immunity Idol. Though we didn’t win Reward, so we didn’t get an Dino Coins nor did we have dig guesses, so I am thinking he doesn’t have anything left.

I have been working well with the Dream Team (Reinier of South Africa and Stephen of Australia). And Jack who also came from Bron. Jack messaged me earlier saying he feels the 4 of us can make it all the way to the end; as compared to Nic who said if he goes, then I will be next.

We are expecting a merge next, so if Nic goes, we enter the merge with 6 old Bron and 3 of us old Mosa. So this new alliance of Dream Team + Jack must stick. And I can get Steph and Adam back on board too, hopefully.

My main plan is to appeal to old Bron to keep me until F7, and if I don’t have to use my advantages, then I have 2 from there to push me to F5. But hey, I have to survive tomorrow first!

I can have 0 votes (if we all vote for Nic, and he goes for Reinier like before), 1 vote (from Nic), or 2 (1 from Nic and 1 from the other 3 just for safe measure if they think Nic has an Idol). Anything can go wrong, and I don’t want to play my Idol. But I don’t want to go home with it either.

Hopefully my next blog is the Merge Announcement, and not a Thank you for playing one.

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