Made it Halfway! WHAT. A. TRIBAL. [Day 18]

What. A. Tribal.

I decided early enough to jump from Old Mosa to New Mosa (meaning the old Bron who are in Mosa). Nic and Matt voted for me the last Tribal when we were still on Old Mosa, so how could I trust them? I still don’t get Matt, though, we had an agreement on hour 1 of this whole season. Why turn on me?

So the plan was 2-2-2: Me, Reinier, Stephen and Jack vote for both Matt and Nic. While those two vote Stephen (thinking Reinier and I are still with them). It became 4-2 probably they thought Matt had an Idol.

But Nic had it and played it. Then Reinier had an idol too, and played it for Stephen. On the re-vote, it became 4-2 (Matt and Reinier). Matt went home. And I got to vote for two of my backstabbers. Nic first, and then Matt.

That could have gotten any other way. Though if we stuck to the 2-2-2 plan then Matt would have been voted off right away. Good thing they had an idol to play or else Stephen would be out. Maybe they didn’t trust me enough yet, so they had to put all their votes on one person.

No votes for me at all. I love it. What is my play going forward? Stick with Old Bron and pitch to be Final 7 (they are 6). Then from 7, use the advantages that I have to move forward. Unless they start turning on each other, which will be better for me.

I made it half way! No voting out until Day 21, which means I made it through 21 days our of 39! Achievement to reach the swap, now made it to the half way point. Next would be the merge, then the single digit players, then Final 5. Let’s do this!

Off to the Reward Challenge!

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