And Knowing is Half the Battle [Day 17]

[August 25, 2020] So we are in the middle of a Reward and Immunity Challenge, a Scavenger Hunt. And really, I put so much effort in it! Got everything except 3 things: an old movie stub, a license plate with the letters R, P and T, and a Help Wanted sign. Everything else on the list – maybe 20 things – I got / did. Maybe a bot overkill, maybe putting a target on me, but hey, I like giving 100%.

Though apparently, the two former Mosa – and still Mosa – were the ones who voted for me last time: Matt and Nic. Stephen told me. Matt said Johnny was supposed to vote for me too but flipped at the last minute. Wow. I kind of thought the two of them were the ones who voted for me, and it’s funny we ended up together. And with this challenge, they have done ZERO. And so maybe they are trying to lose intentionally to vote me out.

Hopefully my new alliance works out. I don’t want to use my Hidden Immunity Idol. But I guess it has to be an option. Will update this again tomorrow with the results.

I submitted my entries, and they all got approved. Come on, who killed it?!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. WHAT. Good job Steph, she did as much as me! Newbie players for the win!

They blew is out of the water, basically because they all did the work (except Adam). What is up with my OG Mosa alliance of Adam and Matt? Cut my losses and go! Working now with Rein and Stephen (and Jack) and hopefully we can pull this off. There’s no future in me staying aligned with Matt and Nic, they already voted for me once, they’ll do it again.

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