Scavenger Selfie Hunt [Day 16]

[August 24, 2020] Thank you Johnny for the Dino Coins you sent me! So sad that you got voted out, at least I know now you didn’t vote for me last time… then who did? Nic said he didn’t, and Adam wasn’t around to vote me. Were the votes from Matt and Steph? Will find out soon enough.

I can only guess what they were thinking there, probably didn’t want a 3-3 split. So they told Johnny they were voting Adam, and he voted with them. Only for them to vote Johnny off. I hope we don’t go to Tribal, we might end up with a 3-3 split as well.

Now we have an Immunity and Reward Challenge! A Scavenger Hunt! I am totally invested in this. Maybe too much, I should scale it down a bit. I don’t think I would have been able to play this online though at any other time. Just this MECQ / GCQ gives the flexibility to join the challenges and all the other stuff you need to do.

If we win this, we don’t go to Tribal again, and I bet someone comes back from Extinction Island as we merge. Merge at 10+1. I want to make it to the merge! I almost completed my list. Just don’t know where to find a jar of pickles, I mean, who buys a jar of pickles here?! Also a HELP WANTED sign, very American. But hey, getting all the rest should push me forward. Since it looks like everyone else is still on lockdown and can’t leave their homes.

Check out this video I did, which I am sending to the Viewing Lounge (where people following the series see what you send them, and they eventually vote for the fan favorite).

Thank you to my kids who keep telling me to do all the challenges, help me look for things, video me, and ask about all the other players all the time. They are invested in it too!

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