We made our own Survivor ORG [Day 15]

[August 23, 2020] Yup, we won the Immunity Challenge! I am so happy we don’t have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out. I haven’t figured out what to do yet!

And the results were a bit of a blow out! Ha ha we blew them out of the water again. When we win, we win by a lot!

I still don’t get these other players. They jump in for a few minutes and then disappear for the rest of the day. And some days on end. I mean, why even play then? That is really annoying me. I am almost certain to jump to the Dream Team (me, Reinier of South Africa, and Stephen of Australia). Just trying to see how to do it without being too obvious. I hope we don’t lose any before the merge so it will be less obvious when I do jump ship.

They may be playing me, but hey, I am all for it as long as you are playing the game you applied for! Rather that staying with an alliance that is just silent all throughout. What’s that about?

Anyway, check out our Survivor game! Based on an idea by Nic, but worked on by Reinier, Stephen and I! Has all the challenges laid out for the whole season even, when they only needed one challenge. Haha so over the top, I love it.

Good luck Adam, Steph and Johnny, I hope you make it past the Bron Tribal!

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