Let’s Play! [Day 14]

[August 22, 2020] One our the new Mosa Tribe sent me 2 Dino Coins! Of course it is game play, but why not? I got it and since we won the Reward Challenge (yes, finally an uptick from our losses) bought myself an advantage.

I don’t have any Dino Coins left, but hopefully, if I play my cards right, I can get more when more people are voted out. Or if we win more challenges.

Our Immunity Challenge is to make our own Survivor Online Game (ORG)! How interesting. And post it on Tumblr. Here’s ours. I think it is pretty original, challenges are good and can win it. I don’t want the stress of Tribal.

One thing I have noticed in playing this game – over the past 14 days (I honestly didn’t know it would be 39 days long haha), is that those who are “regulars” (those who have played before) aren’t as involved. Maybe they are playing another game at the same time, or they are handling their own game, or are just not as into it.

I mean, I am into it because it’s my first time, but I think even if it wasn’t, I would put some interest. I did apply after all. It’s an experience to play, and I just want to play with people who are interested as well.

So thinking of jumping ship to the non-USA player alliance, and just vote off those who are not giving attention to it. Let’s play! Wake up Americans!

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