Another Immunity Loss and a Swap! [Day 12]

[August 20, 2020] So it is about 2 hours before we have our Tribal Council after we lost the Immunity Challenge (which we technically won, but since they used an advantage, they added more points). We won the Reward Challenge a few days ago, so we really are the more adept Tribe in terms of challenges, they just had that advantage.

So here we are talking to each other on Skype. I was told my name was brought up to be voted out – but you never can really rely on those, just like the actual game of Survivor – so just to be safe, I campaigned hard for my pick of the one to be voted off. We need loyalty more than challenge prowess at this point, since I am expecting a Tribal Swap next. Let’s hope it works, will update later.

Tribal wasn’t on video like last time, and thank God for that! We initially had to answer questions, mine below:

And then it just went crazy after that. We – not just me – were planning on voting off Racheal. I mean, we all were on board since she was the only one not voting with us last time when we voted off Pennington. The OG alliance of me, Matt and Adam. Steph and I who are new to the online Survivor world. And Johnny and Nic who we voted with last time.

But Racheal went after me. She started saying I am the one behind the vote and that I suggested to her to vote Johnny or Nic. Which, yes, is all true. Of course I had to give her options to vote instead of telling her I am voting her off. But it was just stressful and very combative. I wasn’t prepared. At least it was via chatting because Ryan (our Jeff Probst) wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know how I would have managed that on video. It would have ended differently.

We ended up voting Racheal, 4-3, with me getting the 3 votes. I didn’t use my Hidden Immunity Idol (yes I have one, I was going to use it, but decided not to. Saving it for as long as I can).

I have an inkling who voted for me. But then this happened: The Tribe Swap. We expected it, and we wanted to go in with numbers, but I guess this is more exciting. It ended up an even 3-3 swap!

So still on Mosa are me, Nic and Matt (who I think voted for me ha ha). And Stephen from Australia, Reinier from South Africa, and Jack. So yes, I am building a non-USA alliance.

Still Mosa Strong, an Immunity Idol, and with a non-USA alliance to boot. Cross our fingers, and keep playing!

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