Tribal Council is ROUGH! [Day 9]

[August 17, 2020] Wow Tribal Council online is rough, imagine how it is in the game itself. Now I have a better understanding. And now even more invested in this online game, now that we had to got to Tribal and test alliances. I really liked Pennington, and would have had an alliance with him, but the Challenges were the basis for this vote at this time. Keep Mosa strong first, before the individual game.

Here’s our Tribal (any International Survivor series wanting to get contestants? Get us!):

It really was rough. Needed time to destress, and fix the Tribal relationships again. How amazing, huh. And online game through Skype chats, and you get so involved in it.

Steph and I are the new players (never played an online game before). All the others have been playing multiple games, some are hosting other games too. Very interesting online community.

Just finished the Reward Challenge, will know the results tomorrow!

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