The Mosa 8: Fight or Flight [Day 8]

[August 16, 2020] So for our next Reward and Immunity, we had to make a music video, a playlist and an album cover! And there will be a panel of judges to decide the winner. Honestly, I think this is just a way to make the other tribe win one, since we already won two in a row. Here’s our music video! For my part, Aida took the video and Sabine is being eaten by Jax the dinosaur. Family event!

Yes, there are only three of us (out of 6 who could be in it), the others didn’t have the time or the access to outside the lockdown, I suppose? I put myself in charge of the playlist. So I went old school and chose nice songs. One for Fight, and even made a Side B for Flight! Listen to them, sayang the effort!

Side A: Fight

Side B: Flight

And last was our album cover, which is also covering this blog post.

Unfortunately, and as I suspected, we lost.

But I did get some good comments from the judges (well and one constructive one):

  1. album: i love the Concept of two separate themed sides & these are some straight jams so i really enjoyed the experience. appreciated that you gave us a mix of more literal dinosaur songs + more metaphorical tracks – you didn’t try too hard to shoehorn it unlike *ahem* others. i wonder if maybe the sides should have been switched? i’d love to end on the more epic “fight” instead of all the energy tapering off into “flight”.
  2. DAMN We get an entire B side of the album too? Okay, work.
  3. Come on! Two sides to the album!
  4. The transitions from Animals to Dinosaur to Roar are pretty good, but going from Roar to Eat You Alive is terrible. Side A should go Animals > Dinosaur > Roar > Survivor > Eat You Alive > Eat Me > Save Me. The transitions work better that way. It really feels like you picked these songs based strictly on their titles and how those titles fit into the names of the two themes that you picked. But a few of the songs just, don’t fit. You can’t have an album that has two songs named Save Me. That’s not allowed. I like that you themed it, and this is definitely pretty good for what it is (why did the hosts make you do an album).

So off we go to Tribal Council! Never say that you feel secure, another rookie mistake, so getting ready to be voted out. I have mixed feelings at this point. I like playing the game, and it’s keeping my time occupied… but MECQ is about to be done this Wednesday, so the challenges and all that will start happening during office hours.

One one hand I want to keep playing, on the other hand, if I do keep playing, I won’t be able to focus as much on it. And you know I give it everything I got!

Thanks, Mosa, I am having a lot of fun! And what an amazing online Survivor gaming community!

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