Roaring To Immunity [Hopefully] [Day 6]

[August 14, 2020] I shouldn’t have sat out the last Immunity Challenge. We won amazingly again, blew them out of the water! I could have earned Coins if I joined. Anyway, lesson learned. Join everything! Anyway, it’s an online game! Experience everything!

So the other Tribe had to vote out someone else. I didn’t their coins, so I suppose someone else from Mosa got them. Weird because some of these players know each other already from the online Survivor world. It’s like Fans vs Faves here. Just playing it by ear.

Our next Reward and Immunity is we have to make a Music Video, Playlist and Album Cover with the theme DINOSAURS. I called in some help! Aida my director and videographer. Jax my dinosaur. And Sabine the human being eaten.

This is only my part of the music video. The best video is safe, so hope we win it! Wish us luck. HAHA SO MUCH EFFORT. SERIOUSLY.

But this is keeping me sane during MECQ.

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