Crazy Dream Unlocked: I joined Survivor! [Day 5]

[August 11, 2020] So most people know I am addicted to Survivor. Have been watching it for all 20 years it has been on. I try not to write about it too much, because it’s nerdy and geeky, but I love it. There should be a season showing soon, but because of COVID they haven’t filmed it.

Lo and behold, I applied to join an online game of Survivor, and got accepted! I’ll update this as we go along until I get voted out (or win)!

I didn’t know it would also be 39 days, even online, it will be a marathon! The “Season” can be followed on Tumblr, and it has a Wiki page. I also have a Wiki page! We were asked who our fave player is, and of course it is Boston Rob.

I even made an intro video:

So the Tribes were introduced on Day 1 (August 8 in Manila) and I am on Mosa. Of course I am the oldest one. And the only one outside the USA (in the other tribe they have someone from South Africa and another from Australia – possible alliance when we merge?!).

When you watch Survivor, the oldest and bossiest one usually gets voted out first. So what did I do? When assigning roles for the first Reward / Immunity challenge, I took the lead and assigned people to the roles. Classic rookie mistake. Check my YouTube for the confessionals (and there are Viewer’s Lounge videos where you send messages to fans who will vote for the fan favorite). I couldn’t help it. I step up when nothing seems to be happening.

Good thing we WON that, and didn’t have to vote anyone out. The one who did get voted out from Bron sent me his Dino Coins! Thanks, Czern!

For the Reward challenge, we had to do online quizzes on Free Rice.

And we blew the other tribe out of the water. I didn’t know how many points we should target, but we did four times more than them. And because of that Reward, I was able to find a Hidden Immunity Idol! WHAT. Oh I am so excited.

At this point, I can say I am good with 4 people on our tribe. So if ever we do lose Immunity, I hope I don’t have to use the Idol. But these people have been playing online games for so long, this is my first one. So I have no idea what to expect. Immunity challenge tomorrow, I chose to sit out (only 5 can play) because it takes fast internet, and with 5 kids online, I am sure mine will be lagging (I don’t think the others know I have 5 kids at this point).

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