Online Schooling in Full Swing

And we’re off!

We actually started the online schooling two weeks ago when our son started having orientation sessions. Then last week when the three older girls started their classes. And yesterday, our youngest started!

It was a challenge finding the right place in the house for the classroom, but now it is working out well. Close to the WiFI router, and close to us when we work from home too (though I do have my man cave as well, where there is some peace and quiet).

It is a “blessing” (in quotes because this pandemic is not a blessing with all those affected), that we are in MECQ now, so we have to work from home during the next two weeks. When the kids are adjusting to online classes.

Things are going pretty well, *fingers crossed*, and they’ve adapted quite well. Still struggling with MS Teams for the younger ones (so many groups and notifs), but the older girls took to it quickly. Our son is on Google Classroom which is MUCH BETTER. Especially for school.

We can get used to this. No waking up early, no traffic, we monitor them well… but then again, this probably works because we are at home. Have to impress on them responsibility so they do this also when we are not around.

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