Marital Bliss: What it takes for a lasting bond

We were part of a panel of 3 couples with the topic “Marital Bliss: What it takes for a lasting bond” at the Family Media Advocacy Foundation and Doctors for Life joint conference at the Philippine Heart Center.


We are married 13 years. The second couple is married 48 years. And the third, 61 years.

We learned more from their experiences, for sure. But one thing we shared was that every family, every marriage must have a mission. And ours is to bring our family, and other families, to Christ!

It was a perfect way to end a fruitful morning where we brought our three older kids to the Children’s Rosary Rally at Greenhills. An annual event of EFI, Missionary Families of Christ, Family Rosary Crusade and Ortigas.


And it was a good time for our three kids to hear us share about our convictions in the afternoon (we knew we were going to have a long day, so we didn’t bring the younger two. And good thing, because our afternoon session was delayed a couple of hours).

But, thank God we have the opportunity to not only talk to others about our mission, but have our kids actively participate in it too.

Really, we have to take our name to heart. Missionary Families of Christ!

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