Moving Forward with Christ

It has been a hectic two weeks! More than that if you include all the meetings, preparation, and even the moves in trying to keep the “worst kept secret” in history under wraps.

But, it’s one and done now.

We had our groundbreaking of the new Home Office site on dad’s birthday. Fr. William of the Nativity came to celebrate Mass and bless the time capsule. The whole Home Office came to the site, and almost all of them for the first time. Good, now they have a feel for the area. Hope we can start building there soon. Thank you to the CFC FFL from the Cubao area, including the Barangay Chairman, who helped with all the preparations.

Then we had the Missionary Families of Christ launch event on Sunday, October 6 (check the livestream playlist here). A whole morning of celebrating our history, and moving forward with Christ. Honestly, it is surprising how fast the community took on the name. The excitement is palpable. So many new and improved things are coming, all because we took on the call of the Holy Spirit to move forward.

Read the message of Fr. Ebyong, and the homily of Monsi. Gamaliel Tulabing.

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And on the Monday after that, we had the worldwide meeting online with dad. Where anyone could go and ask questions regarding the name change.

Here is the email we sent out after with the questions (and more). That was the OFFICIAL DATE of the change of name of the community from CFC FFL to MFC.

And, of course, we had to pack those two weeks, so just this weekend – October 12 – we had the Live Pure Conference as well at Circuit Makati. 7,000 young people endured the hot sun during the day, and the instant hard rain in the evening, to listen to the Word of God and to be affirmed of their choice to live chaste lives.


It is always so inspiring to see young people stand up for what they believe in, amidst so many challenges. We hope to keep supporting you in you decision to live pure.

And there you go!

Groundbreaking of the new home. Launch of the new name. Livestream with new passion. And an event to renew us.

Thank You, Lord, for all of this.

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