Aiyanar Resort in Batangas

Over the summer we were able to go to Aiyanar in Batangas after mom saw it in Karen Davila’s Instagram stories. Kudos to Karen Davila for being a good influencer ;P

It is not too far from Manila, just in Anilao. We packed the kids and the car and went there. The resort has that Malay / Indonesia feel to it, and quite homey and roomy. We were there during the week, so we were practically the only ones around.

The meals are buffet style, and the selection is always varied – so no matter your taste, there is something to eat.

It is primarily a dive resort, so aside from the pool there is little else the kids could do. But hey, the pool was enough for them – and island hopping one of the days we were there. One of the islands had white sand and just crystal clear water. Such a treat!


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