Rule of 3 Update

Remember the Rule of 3? That people usually remember things when it comes in 3s. So maybe if you don’t remember, then it isn’t true? Or maybe because this is only the second blog about it… Anyway.

#1. LCSC (Rule of 3): This movement is on fire! There are so many people being touched by the work of LCSC and it’s pillars. Just seeing update after update is so inspiring. And the beauty of it all is that the end goal is to bring people back to active life in the Church! Through whatever means you like: serving in the ministries of the Church, joining any Catholic community, or even just living out your Catholic faith everyday. LCSC is helping transform the Philippines (and the world) as we get ready for the 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines.

#2. Home Office (A Dream for the Future): This was a bit more zigzagging that we initially thought. We thought we had the perfect place earlier in the year. Hence the videos and other blogs. And cake. But on the day everything was supposed to come together, things went the other way. And so, we had to start from scratch. But the Lord has His plans, and things work out better in the end.

So yes, we have the future site of our Home Office! All documents are signed and done. Payments for the lot site are done. And now we can work on building it up from the ground to the top.

The whole community is coming together to build this up. As one missionary family, let us build up our home.

#3. And the third, which we can now tease (well, it isn’t the best kept secret as you can see from Facebook), happens on October 6! See you! It’s free, and you have to be there!

All 3 things are going to move us all forward in the Holy Spirit. To really push us more for the mission of making everyone feel God’s love for them, and guide them along their journey to heaven.

We are Moving Forward with Christ!

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