Walking Food Tour in Tokyo!

Our 4 Day Japan Trip blog here!

I think one of the best parts of this trip was our walking food tour. I always wanted to try the one in Manila, but I am not a fan of Chinese food, so what would I eat there? So here’s a chance to try it with Japanese food!

It is a LOT OF WALKING, so be prepared! But it is also a lot of eating, and you get lots of information, so it is well worth it. The food, awesome!

First stop was appetizers of pasta and some egg dish. Ok I am not a food blogger, so I’ll just show pictures.

The squid pasta and seaweed, I didn’t try. You know why. The sweet potato and egg dish I did try, and they were good. Had some Japanese beer to wash it down.

Second stop was a cookie store, and it had that nice ref cake cookie taste. I guess this was just an energizer in between stops, since we were walking everywhere.

Third stop (there were many stops in between, but not for eating, just historical and informative stops, so imagine how tired and hungry you are when you get to the eating stops) was a heartier meal.

It has soup made from chicken and pork, fried chicken cuts with a tart sauce, and beef balls wrapped in bacon I think. SO GOOD. And noodles. Nice, spicy noodles.

The 4th, out of 5, stops was under the train tracks, and it was yakiniku time! By this time, places were busy with Japanese coming from work. So it got a bit smoky as well, as they are allowed to smoke indoors. The food was yakiniku pork, chicken and beef.

Honestly, I was so full, I only got to try each. And wash them down with sake!

Can you see how full we are already? And tired.

Thank you for the tour, Yappy! We had a great time! Such a great experience, and we hope to do it again next time.

Got some of the pictures from the Arigato Japan Facebook page, check it out. We had a great time (pictured with our 2 companions from Switzerland).

Wait! Did you forget stop number 5? Just some ice cream in a muffin. YUM! Enough energy for the walk home.

Watch the tour here:

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