Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo!

Our 4 Day Japan Trip blog here!

When you book a Sumo Wrestling training session (WAIT! You WATCH IT, you don’t participate in it!), they tell you it starts early, so be prepared and come on time.

As we aren’t experts in Tokyo transit, we ended up taking a taxi to the Sky Tree area, where the training session would be held. They tell you the venue a few days before your schedule, as the sessions can be in different places, depending on the stable.

There are specific rules as well for the training session, as you can see.

It is about 2 to 3 hours long, and the first hour is basically them stretching and getting ready. It’s also ritualistic in a way, as our guide would slip us notes to explain what was going on.

After the stretching, they started sumo wrestling. AND IT IS INTENSE. They just charge at each other, and try to throw one another out of the ring. WOW. The impact at the start, wow. It’s an amazing sight. Check all the pictures here.

I alternated pictures with the information too.




It was such a great experience. Something everyone who makes it to Japan should go to. And this was just the training! What more for the actual competition.


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