Robot Restaurant: Very Japanese, very fun!

Our 4 Day Japan Trip blog here!

If you are a fan of Japanese cartoons, game shows and overall quirkiness of Japanese culture, this show is for you!

Most of the shows are straight up main show, but the one we got – 5:30pm – had a variety show beforehand. A bit weird, as it seemed like it came from a nightclub. Singers in various stages of undress. Even a part where they came out with whips and chains. So if you have kids, then skip that one. Or even if you come with your parents. Awkward.

But after that, is the most fun Japanese show you can watch live.

It is made up of three parts, each with it’s own storyline. Lots of lights, noises, drama and some robots. The pictures don’t do the show justice. So click the link below and watch the video.

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