Kamantigue Resort in Batangas

There are perfect moments when a family comes together to spend time with each other. This summer the Yupanos had that time. We were all able to make it to Kamantigue Resort in Batangas City.

It is not too far away from Manila, actually in Batangas City, and it had lots of swimming pools, with spaces where you can access the open water. No sandy beach, but pretty nonetheless.

We were able to have one whole townhouse type accommodation, so all 13 of us fit comfortably, with room to spare.


We were able to cook our own food (and order, too, of course), and we had no complaints with the people from the resort. Even after an unforeseen event happened with Des (which is a post in itself), the management was extremely helpful – and the community too. We thank God for them. We wouldn’t have survived it without them.


Great view of the ocean, and we were able to sate our desire for salt water and waves.

Thank you, Kamantigue! You are a lifesaver!

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