Ohana in Cebu

Another blessing of being part of a community is that there are conferences that cater to the whole family. One of those is the World Kids Conference. And this year, it was held in Cebu!

Having 5 kids, and planning a trip to Cebu for all 7 of us, takes a lot of preparation and saving. But the investment in going to these conferences is worth every centavo. It is a time for all families to come together, all kids to interact, and all of us to celebrate the community – with a special focus on the kids. Following Jesus’ words to “let them come to me.”

So we did get to Cebu via Clark, stayed in a nice hotel (discount given because they partnered with CFC KFL, and got to attend OHANA!


The kids really enjoyed the conference, and they love doing all the activities, especially all the workshops.

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Thanks kuya @kobesornito for saying yes to being their delegation head for the workshops! #Ohana #GodsGreatestBlessing

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Good treat for us as well, as we got to bring them to Cebu!

We went with the family of Cocoi and Gay to a really beautiful white sand beach about 3 hours out of the city. So peaceful, and like Boracay without all the commercial establishments. It actually fit the OHANA logo perfectly, as the family was on the beach. So we had to go there too (see our logo recreation below).

Thanks, WKC! And see you again next year! Maybe with one less delegate as our eldest has moved to the Youth (what?!?!).


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