NEC 2019: A Marian Lesson

The New Evangelization Conference that we held last June at the PICC Forum was so special and different. Yes, we have been having the NEC every year for 6 years now. And part of that was always the Catholic Expo, but this year we had such a blessed addition: The Marian Exhibit.

How else should we honor our Blessed Mother by making her part of such a wonderful event. It gave me goosebumps for sure.

Want to see all the images? Look through the Facebook album here.

It was truly an eye opener for most people who attended as well. There were relics too, present. It made the event even more Catholic (is that possible :)?)

Here is a recap of the NEC 2019, thank you again, FLiQ!

Do you want to attend one? If you are from Luzon, well, it will be in 2020. But if you are from the Visayas or Mindanao, Bohol and Cagayan de Oro will be hosting the NEC!

This month for Bohol. Next month for CDO.

We are gearing up for the 500th year of Christianity in the Philippines this 2021!

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