Discipulus SHOUT

When we moved into our home, we dedicated it to the Lord, and said that if we could use it to help our missionaries, then we would do it.

The new missionaries of the community took us up on it, and they had their week-long SHOUT at our house. We had about 20(+) people stay here – and this was during the whole Manila Water crisis. Imagine only having water for a few hours a day, with 20 people in your house.

You could say it was part of their training.


It was a great experience for us to host, and for our kids as well. They saw first hand the people we work with, and the way they are. It opened their minds to missionary life, and they felt the love and care of these young men and women.

I loved the worship, sessions, bonding that happened over the week. Maybe not-so the late night card games (good thing our neighbors are not too close to us), but that’s just me getting old.

Thank you, Discipulus, for sharing your lives with us for that one whole week. You touched the lives of our kids (and us) and we are grateful. You are always welcome here.


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