#UNPLANNED : The movie that changes the endgame

I have heard about the Unplanned Movie, and I follow Abby Johnson on Twitter, so I have a background on her story and her fight for life, but never thought I would get to watch it in the way we got to watch it.

Mike Manhardt, one of those behind the film, was able to give us (the Home Office) a showing of Unplanned on Monday, a few hours before he was set to fly home to the US.

He was here on a ten day trip to meet people who could help bring the movie to the theaters here, and also looking for young people to watch the movie. What a blessing to have been part of that group.

It is a transformative movie.

We hear about the pro-life cause in the US. And if you are like me, and follow a lot of pro-lifers on Twitter, you read their Twitter battles to spread the truth about abortion, and to combat groups like Planned Parenthood who spread disinformation and lies.

But watching it, wow. It tugs at your heart. And makes you wonder… not even wonder is an apt word… makes you think and boggles your mind how people can promote and work for abortion centers. How can you convince yourself that that baby is not alive? That you can murder it? That it won’t have consequences?

This is a battle that everyone needs to join. The US and so many other countries have been so desensitized with media and personalities telling them that the baby is not a baby until a certain month, or that there are no emotional or psychological consequences, or that it is normal, or that it is their choice.

Wow. There are so many reasons to join and proclaim what is GOOD, RIGHT, and TRUE.

Hopefully we can get this film into theaters. And everyone MUST watch it. For pro-lifers, to strengthen us and to fight for every single life.

For those who are for abortion, just watch it. What you see might change everything.


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