This CFC FFL 38th Anniversary month has been intense! We started out with the New Evangelization Conference last June 8 at the PICC Forum (my post on that is coming soon, once I get enough sleep to write it).

And then we moved into so many developments in community and in family (like having 5 kids start school! Another post I have been meaning to write). And all leading up to the past 3 days of major activities.

The past 3 days have showed that the community is just as passionate and ready for battle as ever. We had the mid-year Leaders Conference on Friday, and we saw so many inroads and jumps in evangelization efforts. It pays to think differently, and to have something solid, real and Catholic to offer people. The future is so bright as we continue the way we started earlier this year.

Then the Families on Mission Conference was a wonderful pastoral handle on the theme. From the Phases of Evangelization – how we have been evolving through all these 38 years, and why we evolved the way we did. To the Faces of Evangelization – seeing just exactly who we are doing this work for! Our families! It was also refreshing to hear that the community is engaging young and just as passionate leaders as those who are showing the way through their all-the-time example.

And then the culmination: The 38th Anniversary! Wow. I have to say that the celebration really leveled up. Not a dull moment, nor a dry eye – whether from laughing or crying or both. And it just showed us what community is all about: being family. Being there for one another. And for never ever giving up. Watch the livestream here. You won’t regret it.

After months of preparation, and anxiety (of course all part of the event process), and finally heaving that sigh of relief, I can now tend to my mop of hair on my head. The huge luggages under my eyes. And the different aches all over my body (hey, I just turned 44).

But that’s not all. Starting tonight, we host all the new Missionaries in our home for one week. It was always the intent of our home to be open to the mission of the community. Just didn’t think we would have 21 people stay there at a time. All for the Lord!


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