I turned 44 last week (thank you to all who greeted in various ways) and I have rounded out a bit (again), need to wear reading glasses, have to have my daily cup of coffee, and am constantly looking at this gadget that wants to rule my life.

But just like any milestone in life, it is time to take stock of what is important, and what needs to be adjusted as we enter this next year of life.

  1. Relationships are more important in person
  2. Family needs time and attention
  3. Give 100% always, even if …. always

Relationships are more important in person

It is a pet peeve of mine, and I think people know this, to have so many chat groups. I have so many chat groups. So many. Yes, I am active in whatever chat group I belong to. And yes if there’s a question or concern, I usually jump in and speak up – that’s how I am, if someone asks something, I feel I need to answer. Why? Because I don’t like it when I ask a question and all I get are seen zones.

But yes, there are so many chat groups. In Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, now even in YouTube! I see that it is the wave of the present. I prefer email, though, because if you want to go back to something, it is easier. In chat groups things just get so flooded.

Though we should not forget that personal relationships are more important. Face to face relationships. We might just use a default “make a chat group” even if it would be just as easy to walk up to a person, or get a group together in person, and talk face to face. Not everything needs to be bounded by characters from a keyboard. Some characters are more fun to observe in real life.

Family needs time and attention

Our youngest started school the other day. We basically have an empty nest during school days. It feels awkward. I was telling Des to check on our help and see if she is experiencing anything different because the house is so quiet.

But now that the kids are in school, and they come home at different times. And both Des and I are working full-time, it is an effort really to make time and give attention. What does that mean? It is so easy for us to come home, and still be focused on work at home. We have been trained to be Missionary 24/7 after all. But we sometimes forget that being a missionary is also taking time out for family. That doesn’t mean you totally zone out and ignore the community, but it does mean that you can put your phone down, turn off your laptop and give your attention to your kids.

Because we all know, and people older have always said, blink and you miss their growing up years. And we are seeing that now, they are all in school, and our eldest just entered Junior High School. In 18 years, they will all be out of school already.

Give 100% always, even if …. always

I have always been an advocate of giving 100% all the time. In any task given. Even if it is something I am not familiar with, then still give 100%. Even if … well, we know what comes next. Even if … that… still give 100%. We are not doing this for others. We are doing it as an answer to a call – especially us missionaries, full-time or all the time. We cannot be mediocre.

Thank you for all your greetings. 44 years. I blinked and now I can hardly keep my eyes open. Middle ages, here we are.

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