May Awa ang Diyos

Our eldest graduated from Elementary school today. In her words, it was a culmination of more than 6 years of studying (including Pre school).

We have a Junior HS student on our hands. And a tween. And a YFL. Things are going to change around the house, for sure.

Are we prepared? We try our best to be prepare, but who knows what God has in store for us. We do His will, or at least strive to do His will, but He knows what is best for us. More than we do.

What we do know is “may Awa ang Diyos.” Fr. Sandy Enhaynes, our Parish Priest, and also the Mass celebrant and commencement speaker at the graduation today, spoke about that.

And it truly touched me. I have always heard it before, but somehow, with the changes we are expecting – as every other year we will be having another child enter HS – the promise we can really cling to is “May Awa ang Diyos.”

No matter how hopeless or challenging life may get, or if we don’t know what lies ahead, or if we are just anxious about things going on, we must know that God has a wonderful plan for us and for our family. And that, if we strive to know what that plan is and work at it, then everything will work out well.

May Awa ang Diyos. And that just warms my heart, and calms the anxiety. And also prepares me to face the new slew of questions and experiences that are coming up.

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